21st Georgia Volunteer Infantry


Elections–unit elections begin annually with nominations each October.  The elections then occur each November at the annual Gettysburg Remembrance Day weekend.

Health History Form–As per the 7th Battalion, all members of the 21st Georgia must now carry this form onto the battlefield at EACH and EVERY event.  The 21st has mandated that ALL members carry this form on their person at EVERY event.  Also, a copy of this form must be on record with the unit…so please give or MAIL this form to our 21st Georgia treasurer ASAP.  DO NOT EMAIL IT (since this is a violation of HIPAA rules) but, instead, contact our treasurer at treasurer@21GA.org for the proper mailing address.

HIPAA Release of Information Form–see instructions under Health History Form

Minor Release Form–all minors who will not be with their parent or legal guardian at unit events MUST carry this completed form.

Application for Event Sanctioning–As per the unit bylaws members may have one ‘non-sanctioned’ event count towards attendance as a sanctioned event.  Use this form for that purpose.

Any and all questions concerning unit forms should be addressed to the unit Treasurer at treasurer@21ga.org.  When additions or modifications need to be made to forms please edit the necessary document and return it ASAP to the 21st GA Treasurer.