21st Georgia Volunteer Infantry


2018 Reenactment Schedule

April 28 Lain’s Mill workbee (unit MAX EFFORT)

May 11-12 Gettysburg Living History and School of the Soldier/Civilian

May 11 Gouverneur School Day (with Nick Costa) *unsanctioned event*

May 18 Bath School Day *unsanctioned event*

May 18-20 Fire on the Genesee (Letchworth)

June 1-3 Lain’s Mill

June 8-10 Old Bedford Village (ANV Max Effort)

July 5-8 Gettysburg 155th (ANV Max Effort)

July 21-22 Genesee Country Village Museum (Mumford)

July 28-29 Marilla

August 11-12 Arcade Railroad

August 25 Unit Picnic at Lain’s *unsanctioned event*

September 21-23 Angelica (includes school day)

October 19-21 Cedar Creek (ANV Max Effort)

November 17-18 Remembrance Day and Meeting/Elections