21st Georgia Volunteer Infantry
  • Experience the Battles!!!

    Come experience the excitement of Civil War battles!  21st Georgia soldiers drill, march and fight using Hardee’s Manuel of Arms.  Every season the 21st Georgia soldiers participate in over 30 battles at 10 to 15 different events.  To be a part of them all contact us here

  • Travel with Friends and Family!!!

    21st Georgians participate in both local NY and out of state events. One weekend event may find you in Angelica, NY with only a small number of reenactors whereas another weekend you may travel to Virginia for a national event and camp among thousands…

    For more info on events click here

  • Get the Family Outdoors!!!

    Tired of seeing your children in front of a screen? Bring them along with the 21st Georgia to experience good old-fashioned outdoor fun. They won’t be disappointed! Reenacting gives the entire family a rewarding hobby while offering never ending opportunities to strengthen the family bond!!

  • Educating Today’s Youth!!!

    21st Georgia members are dedicated to teaching the youth of today about one of the most influential times in our nation’s history. Besides participating in smaller school events and living histories, the 21st hosts over 650 school children at our annual Education Day each June.

    Check out Lain's Mill here

  • So We Never Forget…

    Through participation in memorial events, parades and reenactments our unit members are dedicated to remembering and honoring the valiant people who lived and gave their lives during one of the most tumultuous times in our nation’s history. For more on the 21st Georgia’s history click here

  • Soldiers, Civilians, Medical, Musicians!!!

    The 21st Georgia has it all! Members of our unit can participate in one or more of our branches: Military, civilian, musician and/or medical. So no matter if you want to carry a rifle, play the fife, help perform surgery or sew a quilt, the 21st has a place for everybody. For more info on unit branches click here

  • Friendship and Fun!!!

    Both individuals and families alike will find that spending time with the 21st Georgia gives you some of the best friends you’ll ever have and creates memories that will last a life time. Every weekend spent with the 21st Georgia is guaranteed to be filled with friendship, laughter and fun! So come out and give us a try!

  • Come Be Part of Our Family!!!

    The 21st Georgia welcomes all! Worried about the cost of equipment? We’ll lend you what you need to get started. And then we’ll teach you all you need to know. Come experience the camaraderie, become part of our family and make life long friends! To try us for a weekend event contact our recruitment officer at recruitment@21ga.org

Welcome to the home of the 21st Georgia Volunteer Infantry Civil War Reenactment Unit. Using period correct costumes and gear, our members strive to preserve history and educate the public about one of the most tumultuous times in our nation’s history. Through participation in living histories, memorial services, parades, school educational events and battle reenactments we hope to ensure that this time is never forgotten.

Established in 1986 and based out of Steuben County NY, the 21st Georgia Reenactment Unit is a non-profit, non-political, family oriented unit.  Safety, friendship, authenticity and fun are our primary goals.

Please enjoy our website and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  If you have a desire to learn more about the Civil War, think you might enjoy participating in battles, want to teach the public about what it was really like and/or enjoy making new friends around the fire, then please contact us. Our group is always ready to welcome new recruits!

Breaking News!

The 2015 reenactment season has begun!!!  Our next event will take place when the 21st Georgia travels to Gettysburg.  From May 1st-3rd our members will be camping at Pitzer's Woods on the hallowed ground of the Gettysburg National Battlefield.  Contact our treasurer Nelson Drake to register.

EVER WANTED TO BE A CIVIL WAR RENACTOR?  If the answer is yes, then plan to join the 21st Georgia at our "School of the Soldier" at 9am Saturday May 9th to learn all about this hobby!! Meet us at the Harry Lain Farm 6252 Laine Road, Canisteo, NY and find out why reenactors spend their weekends doing what they do!

And for those who would rather refrain from battle--the 21st is offering a School of the Civilian on the same exact day beginning at 10am. 

There is absolutely no cost to attend our "schools"....and lunch will be provided.  So what are you waiting for? Come on out and find out what reenacting is all about!!! For more details contact president@21ga.org

Watch & Learn

Whether joining the 21st as an individual or coming with the entire family, you will find reenacting a rewarding and incredibly entertaining way to spend your weekends.

2015 Schedule of Events

5/1-3-- Gettysburg Living History

5/9-- SOS/SOC

5/29--Bath School Day

6/5-7 -- Lain’s Mill

6/12-14-- Old Bedford Village

6/26-28 -- Marilla

7/17-19 -- GCV

7/31-8/2-- Tinker Farm

Please Visit our Events Page for a full list