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        In an effort to continually research   

    the history of the 21st Georgia                

    Volunteer Infantry and to provide        

    memorial services and information      

    on the 21st Georgia, the unit has            

    designated a 'Memorial Officer' to         

    fulfill these tasks. This position is         

    outlined in Article 11B of the Unit         





Updated November, 2014

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  March 1 - Dansville, New York - The Unit's School of the Soldier and School of the Civilian will be conducted at the Dansville School. Sessions will start at 9am. A special unit meeting will be held following lunch to elect a new captain.




  April 5 - Canisteo, New York - A School of the Soldier will be held in April at the Lain Farm starting at 9am. This event is open to soldiers of other units as well.
  April 25-27 - Medina, New York - Genesee Community College event, sponsored by the 34th North Carolina.





  May 2-4 - Spotsylvania, Virginia - The 21st Georgia will participate in the 150th Battle of the Wilderness and Spotsylvania Courthouse. This event is an ANV Maximum Effort event.
  May 30 - Bath, New York - The 21st Georgia will participate in the Bath School Days event.





  June 6-8 - Canisteo, New York - The Battle of Lain's Mill is a reenactment event that will be hosted by the 21st Georgia. More information can be found on our Lain's Mill pages. This event will be a 21st Georgia Unit Maximum Effort event.
  June 20-22 - Marilla, New York - The 21st Georgia will attend the Marilla event and candlelight tour.





  July 18-20 - Mumford, New York - The Genesee Country Village and Museum event provides opportunities to engage in battle, and perform living history and medical scenes for spectators. This will be a 7th Battalion Maximum Effort event.





  August 1-3 - Rochester, New York - The 21st Georgia will attend the Tinker Farm event. The unit's summer general membership meeting will occur during this event.
  August 15-17 - Oswego, New York - The 21st Georgia will muster at Fort Oswego along Lake Ontario.





  September 5-7 - State Park, Ohio - The 21st Georgia will participate in the Beaver Creek event. The event will be a 7th Battalion Maximum Effort event.
  September 19-21 - Angelica, New York - The Angelica event consists of battle scenarios as well as living history.  This event has been rescheduled, date to be announced.





  October 17-19 - Cedar Creek, Virginia - The 150th Battle of Cedar Creek event will be held in mid-October. This event will be an ANV Maximum Effort event.





  November 1 - Elmira, New York - The Elmira Memorial Service is held in Elmira, New York. The unit honors Confederate Soldiers who were held prisoner at the famous Elmira Prison Camp from 1864-1865. There are nine 21st Georgians in particular to whom we pay our respects.
  November 14-15 - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania - The Gettysburg Remembrance Day unit memorial ceremony will take place on November 15th. The Unit will march to the Square for a musical break, and from the Square we will depart for the parade assembly area at the school. The ceremony itself will consist of the usual appropriate reading, musical selection, and other remarks. This event will be a Unit Maximum Effort event. The annual general membership meeting will be held the evening of the 15th.





  December 6 - Sharpsburg, Maryland - Members will meet to honor those fallen during the Battle of Antietam of the American Civil War with luminaries for the Illumination. The event culminates with a drive through Antietam National Park. The more members present, the faster and easier our part of the field can be filled.